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Degradation in Yoga. The Truth about Women in Spiritual Practices.

Women have more natural potential than men. This is a fact confirmed by my personal experience working with people. Out of 100% of women, 90% can practice Tapa Yoga at any age and attain spiritual enlightenment.

Only 25% of men out of 100% are capable of practicing Tapa Rishi Yoga, even though it is the easiest and most effective form of yoga, as all the concentrated knowledge is accumulated in Tapa Yoga, like how all rivers flow into the ocean.

Modern yoga has gone through many stages. Over the course of a thousand years, knowledge has been transformed, and the psychology of yoga itself has changed, as have its methods. As a result, knowledge has become increasingly inaccessible, and the philosophy of yoga has automatically degraded.

The position of women has also changed over time, with their psychology distorted to make them slaves to the narrow confines of 'feminine duties.' While women were once revered as goddesses, their role has been reduced to that of a servant.

When a woman is born into the material universe, she falls under the 'fallen' philosophy of this world, which imposes ideas about what a woman should do - give birth, care for children, cook, wait for her husband, raise children, and be a good wife. 'If someone strikes you on the left cheek, turn the other cheek.' If violence is used against her, she is expected to endure and suffer the horrors of such a lowly philosophy until the end of her days

Is the spiritual path only for men?

Are women not only expected to accept but also enjoy their oppressed role? Bravo! The perfect conditions of a patriarchal environment. But where is spiritual development? Why do men have priority in spirituality with options such as the search for God, self-discovery within themselves and in God, worship, and renunciation? They preach and guide, choosing and deciding for women what role they should play in spirituality.

Modern preachers of Vedic culture are also quite adept at presenting themselves in a favorable light. They actively propagate the fixed idea of what a 'true Vedic woman' should be like, smoothly substituting and manipulating knowledge. They speak as if they have fully comprehended all the sacred scriptures.

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