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Siddhidatri is the founder of the Taparishi Yoga project

· Spiritual mentor · Writer 

· Mystic yoga instructor 

Dedicated his entire life to yogic practices, studying spiritual knowledge, and various forms of yoga for healing the mind and realizing the soul.


  • Born in the "City of Fire" 🔥

  • 🧘‍♂️ Started practicing pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation at the age of 9

  • 🌟 Started developing, systematizing, and seriously practicing mystical yoga knowledge at the age of 13

  • 🥋 Developed and practiced exercises for martial arts at the age of 17

  • 🛕Traveled across India and visited sacred places for 17 years

  • 🙏 Undertook pilgrimages and esoteric techniques in places where yogis meditated for thousands of years

  • 🧘‍♂️ Learned from Tibetan monks and their practices and meditations

  • 🕉️ Received spiritual initiations from Siddha Yogis

  • ✍️ Writes esoteric poetry about God and the Soul

  • 🧘‍♂️ Professionally develops yogic systems based on ancient knowledge


What is

Tapa Rishi Yoga

Tapa Rishi Yoga is an ancient teaching passed down from ancient sages, yogis and rishis. It is based on centuries of experience by practitioners and is one of the most authoritative and respected forms of yoga in India.

At the heart of Tapas Rishi Yoga is the belief that every person has the potential to achieve the highest level of consciousness and spiritual enlightenment. The goal of this practice is to help individuals realize this potential and attain harmony with themselves and the surrounding world.

Tapa Rishi Yoga is a yoga practice that includes meditations, mantras and agnihotra (fire offerings), pranayama (breathing exercises), as well as other spiritual practices. Tapas Rishi is an ancient term that describes a yoga practice that helps individuals achieve the highest level of spiritual enlightenment and self-realization as a soul. This practice is particularly useful for those seeking inner harmony and balance, as well as those who wish to attain higher levels of spiritual development.

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